December showers.


Favourite Moviesthe perks of being a wallflower (2012)

I know these will all be stories someday. And our pictures will become old photographs. We’ll all become somebody’s mom or dad. But right now these moments are not stories. This is happening. I am here and I am looking at her. And she is so beautiful. I can see it. This one moment when you know you’re not a sad story. You are alive, and you stand up and see the lights on the buildings and everything that makes you wonder. And you’re listening to that song and that drive with the people you love most in this world. And in this moment I swear, we are infinite.”
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What I find interesting is only once has anyone said to me, ’Don’t kill Hermione,’ and that was after a reading when I said no one’s ever worried about her… They see her as someone who is not vulnerable, but I see her as someone who does have quite a lot of vulnerability in her personality.

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"The scenes between Alicia and Diane… it really broke me up reading it. It was beautifully written and crafted and I was thrilled to be a part of it" - Josh Charles

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Dentist: *Has multiple things in your mouth*

"So how’s school?"

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"You need to realize that the way you are feeling now will not be permanent."
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Matt Raimo by Danny Cardozo for Fashionisto Exclusive


Matt Raimo by Danny Cardozo for Fashionisto Exclusive

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